Sunova - Flat roof Solar Power

Wanted: roof surfaces!

Turnkey Systems

Your complete system from a single source

SUNOVA solar power stations on flat roofs: High value, high return on investment

As owner of industrial property with flat roof you know the cost of maintaining the roof’s sealing. With a SUNOVA solar power station you will choose a profitable solution to multiply the value of your roof many times over. The unused surface transforms into a productive space, providing you with cash profit in the form of government-regulated energy feed-in payments. With time, this revenue will cover expenditure for renovation, and – due to their high compatibility and quality – the complete solar systems acts like a second skin to protect your roof.

The complete system from a single source

SUNOVA supplies the complete service package rom a single source, taking care of all phases of your building project. Our project engineers plan your installation, define the most efficient roof utilization, match every single component as well as the overall system design to your specific flat roof, advice you in financing your venture, implement the project in cooperation with specialists and, on request, maintain your solar power station after it is built.

In-depth flat-roof expertise from SUNOVA

SUNOVA has extensive know-how in the field of flat roofs. For you as our partner this means that you can place your trust in project engineers who know how to handle your flat roof correctly. Every single system component is chosen for its compatibility with your roof in terms of design, weight and material characteristics. This avoids mechanical strain and material incompatibilities that would otherwise damage the roof’s sealing layer over time.

That is why we carefully inspect and assess the roof’s sealing layer before installing the power station. If we detect any damage or weak points, we advise you with specific suggestions about how to best repair or renovate the roof. By extending the roof’s life, this measure ensures your safe return on investment.

Fully compatible – from insulation, sealing and connection to the module

For SUNOVA, the compatibility of complete solar system and lightweight flat roof is key. For you this means that you can exclude risks resulting from incompatibilities between flat roof and solar system, which can lead to expensive repairs that cut into the profit from your solar power station right from the start.

Guaranteed stability, even without roof penetration

SUNOVA provides its customers with a unique stability guarantee for its PV systems. Unlike systems that are not permanently attached to the roof, the supporting structure is connected directly to the roof’s sealing layer. This maximizes their resistance to wind suction and prevents damage to the roof’s sealing layer through a displacement of the solar systems caused by wind force.

Securing the modules to the roof does not require the sealing layer to be drilled through or otherwise penetrated. Profile retainers made from compatible plastic are welded onto the waterproofing sheeting using a special hot-air welding process. Unlike standard solutions, which require the waterproofing sheets to be penetrated to fix the modules to the roof itself, the SUNOVA system does not damage the roof surface in any way, which completely eliminates the risk of leakage, loss of heat insulation and reduced fire protection capacity.

SUNOVA solar power systems: Consistent quality

For its system components – such as PV modules, inverters, wiring harnesses, etc. SUNOVA uses only suppliers with a proven track record in quality standards and warranty service. Likewise for installation, commissioning and maintenance we choose only partners who specialize in their respective fields. This focus on quality has a positive impact on the longevity of your plant and the income you derive from it.

SUNOVA Project Management: A European success story

SUNOVA plans, installs and maintains solar power stations throughout Europe. Utilizing silicon thin-film tandem junction technology, we have installed the to date largest roof power stations in both Germany and Spain. In 2010 our customer IKEA’s new installation with several megawatts went online. All projects to date have been completed within the agreed time schedule.