Sunova - Flat roof Solar Power

Wanted: roof surfaces!

System Integration

SUNOVA: Your specialist for solar power on flat roofs

Throughout Europe, millions of square meters of flat roof surface on industrial and commercial buildings are lying unused, and these would be ideal for the collection of solar energy. It is this enormous potential on which SUNOVA builds its company concept. Right from the start, our company specialized in installing solar power systems on commercial and industrial flat roofs. To do so requires know-how in two distinct fields of expertise: flat roofs, and the design, engineering and erection of solar power plants.

SUNOVA provides in-depth flat roof know-how

Flat roofs are sensitive structures, whose primary functions of keeping water out and providing heat insulation and fire protection can be easily compromised. Installing a solar power station on a flat roof will invariably affect the flat roof’s sensitive structure. To prevent an impairment of the roof’s important protective function and thereby ensure the success of your project, SUNOVA’s engineers install only PV systems that can be fitted securely to withstand storms without perforating or otherwise damaging the roof’s sealing layer. Furthermore, we will install a plant only after an expert assessment of the roof’s sealing layer has shown that the roof is able to withstand the added load without incurring structural damage or shortening its lifetime.

If you are a specialized roofing contractor and are intending to plan solar power stations, SUNOVA can provide you with in-depth expertise in the field of flat roofs. We advise our partners about the suitability of the flat roof for a power station, assess maximum load-carrying capacities, leaktightness, the effects of wind and any need for renovation. If renovation of the roof surface proves necessary, SUNOVA provides specific advice to its corporate partners; always with the aim of finding the ideal solution for the specific requirements of the locality.

Fully compatible – from insulation, sealing and connection to the module

For SUNOVA, the compatibility of complete solar system and lightweight flat roof is key. This has a number of advantages over other systems:

  • The weight is matched to the construction of a flat roof and no additional heavy components are needed.
  • SUNOVA provides a unique stability guarantee for its PV systems. Unlike systems that are not permanently attached to the roof, the supporting structure is connected directly to the roof’s sealing layer. This guarantees unsurpassed resistance to wind suction and prevents damage to the roof’s sealing layer, even on lightweight roofs, as the solar systems yield to absorb the wind forces.
  • Securing the modules to the roof does not require the sealing layer to be drilled through or otherwise penetrated. Special profile retainers made from compatible plastic are welded onto the waterproofing sheeting using a special hot-air welding process. Unlike standard solutions, which require the waterproofing sheeting to be penetrated to fix the modules to the roof itself, this does not damage the roof surface in any way, which completely eliminates the risk of leakage, loss of heat insulation and reduced fire protection capacity. Furthermore, the full compatibility of the materials used removes incompatibility and diffusion problems.
  • The outstanding stability under load of all SUNOVA’s fixing systems has been confirmed in independent tests, for example by the German federal material testing authority in Darmstadt and the renowned I.F.I. Institute in Aachen.

Consistent quality

The return on investment in a solar power station depends to a large extent on the power station’s lifespan. That is why, for SUNOVA, quality is key: from consulting, to supplied system components to expert installation and commissioning of the system. The PV modules used excel with technical precision, low-light behavior, performance characteristics and their manufacturers’ guarantee promises. The inverters are sourced from world market leaders; likewise, all of our own products – the SUNOVA fixing systems – are quality-certified: guaranteed consistent quality across the entire spectrum.

Equal partners with our customers

If you expect the same level of reliability and quality as we do, we are your ideal partners. Our aim is to establish a long-term cooperation with our partners, whom we regard as equals. You can access our know-how any time, utilizing our consulting expertise in the conversion of solar energy for yourself and in your customers’ building ventures; we, in turn, rely on you for you extensive experience in project implementation on site.