Sunova - Flat roof Solar Power

Wanted: roof surfaces!

Service & Maintenance

Maintenance pays.

As a rule, high-quality solar power stations are low-wear and long-lived. To ensure that the installation remains available throughout its service life, we offer our customers professional remote maintenance with SUNOVA Control as well as regular maintenance on the roof as soon as the plant goes online. Thanks to our extensive experience we can immediately identify the cause of any problem – be it a module string or a technical component fault – and eliminate it before it has a significant impact on productivity.

SUNOVA’s remote monitoring and on-site maintenance service has the following benefits for you:

  • Your plant produces solar energy for many years without distracting you from your core activities.
  • The SUNOVA Control system continually checks the plant’s energy yield for plausibility, detecting and analyzing any discrepancies immediately. With your agreement, SUNOVA then initiates any required on-site repair measures.
  • This eliminates sources of defect before they can impact the plant’s energy yield and therefore its profitability.
  • Your installation is in the hands of a provider with extensive expertise in both solar power stations and flat roofs.
  • Not only the reliability of individual components, such as PV modules, module strings, cables and inverters are verified: SUNOVA also assesses the condition and leaktightness of the roof in each case.
  • In the event of an insurance claim, we will support you in negotiations with the insurance company.
  • You receive internet access to SUNOVA Control, keeping you up-to-date on energy yield at all times.