Sunova - Flat roof Solar Power

Wanted: roof surfaces!

Project Development

SUNOVA as your project developer: a win-win partnership

Investing in a solar power station makes sense for two reasons: you invest in an environmentally valuable resource; and you guarantee for yourself an attractive return on investment. Your utility company will compensate you for every kilowatt-hour that your plant produces and feeds back into the mains power grid. In Germany, the level of the so-called “feed-in payments” is specified by the Renewable Energies Act (EEG); for promotions and subsidies outside Germany, get in touch with us. In addition to recovering your initial investment, this can represent a lucrative source of income. Provided, of course, your plant is designed and built to yield the same amounts of energy for many years into the future. With SUNOVA as your partner you get the best in flat roof solar technology with long-term reliability.

Keeping a handle on costs with SUNOVA

As your project developer, SUNOVA ensures that you will not be faced with unexpected costs. Specialized in complete solar systems for lightweight flat roofs, we match all system components to the design of your flat roof as well as to each other. The result: a high-quality, long-lived roof solar power station that is fully compatible with your flat roof in design, load and material characteristics. The roof’s sealing layer is not penetrated to secure the solar panels to the roof. For you this means a minimized risk of additional costs, for example through repairs that are necessary because the roof’s sensitive structure was not sufficiently considered in planning and installing the solar power station.

Designed with profitability in mind

SUNOVA solar power stations have been designed for maximum power yield. With their long service life, they will continue to supply power long after the initial investment has been amortized, giving you a reliable source of financial profit. Our installations’ longevity is the result of the high quality that all of our system components are required to have. All bought-in modules, inverters and cables exhibit superior performance and quality. Products are sourced from world market leaders, such as Trina Solar or SMA.

For our in-house produced SUNOVA fixing systems we adhere to equally high quality standards: The design and stability of our patented mounts have been certified by several independent bodies. Whether inclined or laid parallel to the roof: The design of the SUNOVA MCG and SCG fixing systems adapt perfectly to the mounting conditions of each flat roof. The result: optimum utilization roof surface and PV module capacity.

Exemplary stability warranty

SUNOVA attaches its solar power stations directly to the roof’s sealing layer, without penetrating it. The standard solution is to penetrate the roof’s protective surface layer to secure the installation to the roof itself; with SUNOVA’s innovative fixing system, the module mounts are secured directly to the roof’s sealing layer using high-polymer profile retainers. These are fused to the roof surface by a hot-air welding process, so that the waterproofing sheeting is not penetrated. Because the profile retainers have the same material formulation as the roof’s synthetic waterproofing layer, there are no material incompatibilities. The solar systems’ exceptional performance stability is underlined by the unique stability guarantee that SUNOVA provides for all its installations.

Preventive maintenance from the experts

With their extensive experience in maintaining both solar power stations and flat roofs, our engineers identify potential problems before they get out of hand. These minor defects can then be remedied before they lead to more severe damage, which would be much more costly to repair. In summary, SUNOVA provides you with direct access to the technical and economic know-how to convert your investment in a durable quality product into a profitable source of revenue with a high return on investment.