Sunova - Flat roof Solar Power

Wanted: roof surfaces!

The SUNOVA SCG 3.0 System by Montavent

Fixing system for lightweight trapezoidal metal roofs

The crystalline modules are laid parallel to the roof surface and are quickly and easily fixed to the trapezoidal sheeting.

Overview of benefits

  • Semi-integrated – aesthetic
  • Easy installation
  • Low weight
  • Proven system technology
  • Areas of application
  • Requirements
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  • Newly built or newly sealed roofs
  • Existing trapezoidal sheet metal roofs
  • Lightweight roof – weight loading approx. 10 kg/m²
  • Modules with frame

Not suitable for:

  • Plastic skylights
  • Glass–glass PV laminates

Wind suction according to DIN 1055-4 (2005-03)
The wind suction forces acting on the SCG 3.0 system are transmitted onto the trapezoidal metal sheeting, which, in turn, transmits them to the building’s substructure. The trapezoidal metal sheeting must be fixed in compliance with to DIN 1055.

Snow load according to DIN 1055-5 (2005-07)
Snow loads must be reliably absorbed by the weight-bearing substructure.

Mounting on sandwich panel
As a basic rule, the layers of the sandwich paneling must have sufficient adherence to each other.

Weight-bearing supporting structure
Structural analysis to DIN 1055 taking into account:

  • + 14 kg/m2 for SCG 3.0 system

Min. thickness of trapezoidal sheet metal

  • New: Steel sheet metal thickness 0.50 mm, aluminium sheet metal thickness 1.00 mm
  • Existing: Steel sheet metal thickness 0.50 mm, aluminium sheet metal thickness 1.00 mm, estimated service life > 20 yrs

Sandwich panels

  • Sufficient adhesion between layers must be given

Pitch of trapezoidal sheet metal roof

  • 5° to 30°
  • 9 % to 58 %

PV modules

  • Modules with frame
  • SUNOVA-approved products only