Sunova - Flat roof Solar Power

Wanted: roof surfaces!

The SUNOVA MCG 1.1 System

Fixing system for parallel mounting on lightweight flat roofs

The glass–glass photovoltaic laminates are laid parallel to the roof. Modern thin-film modules with their excellent low-light behavior are specially well suited for this type of orientation.

Overview of benefits

  • Semi-integrated – aesthetic
  • Suitable for extreme wind loads
  • Penetration-free
  • Low weight
  • Easy installation
  • Proven system technology
  • Areas of application
  • Requirements
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  • Newly-built or newly re-roofed flat roofs
  • Existing FPO or PVC waterproofing membranes on flat roofs with mechanical fixation
  • Flat roofs with 1 to 10 degrees roof slope
  • Lightweight roof – weight loading about 19 kg/m²
  • Frameless glass-glass PV modules

Not suitable for:

  • Shed roofs, sloping roofs - roof slope > 10°
  • Roof areas with water retention up to the connection boxes or connectors
  • Existing roofs with bitumen, EPDM, Evalon or other waterproofing membranes
  • Fully adhered roof systems
  • Framed PV modules

Wind uplift according to DIN 1055 and relevant national standards
In the MCG 1.1 system the wind uplift forces are transmitted to the synthetic waterproofing membrane,which channels these forces through the mechanical fixation into the roof structure. The mechanical fixation and the waterproofing membrane must be laid out according th DIN 1055.

Snow load according to DIN 1055 and relevant national standards
Snow loads must be reliably absorbed by the weight-bearing substructure. To ensure transmission of the load, the thermal insulation must be sufficiently stable under load.

Synthetic waterproofing membrane
The synthetic membrane is an integral component of the system. The selected product must be of sufficient quality and durability.

Supporting substructure
Structural verficiation according to DIN 1055, taking into consideration:

  • + 2,0 kg/m2 mounting system MCG 1.1
  • + approx. 17 kg/m2 surface load of PV modules

Vapor barrier

  • Design according to building construction; no change through the MCG 1.1 system

Thermal insulation, compressive load at 5 mm compression

  • Tread-proof
  • Fp 650 N (DIN EN 12430)

Synthetic membrane

  • New: Sarnafil TS 77-20 (recommended)
  • Existing: FPO or PVC, other waterproofing methods are not suitable! Expected lifespan > 20 yrs.

Fixation method Synthetic waterproofing membranes

  • New: Sika line fixation (recommended)
  • Existing: Point- or linefixation
  • In both cases: Design and execution according to DIN 1055 - only mechanical fixation permissible. Do not use fully adhered systems.

Inclination range flat roof

  • 2° (recommended) ...10°
  • 3,5 %...17,5%


  • Glass-glass laminates
  • Only SUNOVA-approved products