Sunova - Flat roof Solar Power

Wanted: roof surfaces!


Our development since 2006

2006    A network of flat roofing specialists recognized the enormous potential that large flat roof surfaces offer for the collection of solar energy. This was the cornerstone of SUNOVA’s business idea: as an independent company specialized in the development of flat roof solar systems and their turnkey installation on industrial and commercial flat roofs.

2007    The year of SUNOVA’s establishment as a public limited company. After the first five prototypes are successfully taken into operation on flat roofs, SUNOVA’s solar systems are demonstrated to integrate perfectly into flat roof architecture. From the start, the company employs project engineers with expertise in two distinct fields: specific flat roof know-how, and expertise in the field of photovoltaics. The first successful project in this period is the solar power station on the roof of Schäberle in Stuttgart, with an output of 350 kWp.

2008    Right from the start, SUNOVA positions itself as an international European enterprise. SUNOVA Italy is established as independent subsidiary.

In the same year, SUNOVA launches the first generation of its two fixing systems MCG and SCG for parallel mounting of modules on flat roofs with synthetic surface sheeting and on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs.

2009    SUNOVA realizes its first large-scale project in Spain: On the warehouses of cable manufacturers Comercial Loexme, the to date largest roof power station with silicon thin-film tandem junction technology is commissioned, with a peak output of 850 kilowatts.

SUNOVA develops the next generation of its fixing systems. With MCG 2.0 and SCG 2.0 the flat-roof specialist introduces two products that further cut installation times.

2010    SUNOVA launches its MCG 3.0 fixing system – the first aerodynamically optimized fixing system for crystalline solar modules of the MCG product group.

On schedule on 30 June – and only one day before the amendment of German law, six solar power stations for Swedish customer IKEA go online, five with the SUNOVA MCG 3.0 fixing system and one power station with MCG 2.1.

The company continues to expand: With SUNOVA France, a second subsidiary is established to further strengthen SUNOVA’s presence in the French market. In addition, SUNOVA realizes its first project in Greece in close cooperation with project developers in Sweden, and installs its first reference project in the Czecj town of Ricany.

2011    SUNOVA shows its industrial and commercial customers the cost benefits of solar energy. A comparison of the electricity costs with and without own PV installation clearly shows that every kilowatt of "home-grown" solar energy saves customers costs. SUNOVA customers with average electricity consumption are predestined to benefit from significant cuts in their electricity bills through their own solar power station as well as being less affected by rises in energy prices. In this segment grid parity has already been reached for solar power.

As of 2011 SUNOVA uses crystalline modules for its fixing system MCG 1.1. Laid parallel to the roof, this solution maximizes both performance and roof surface utilization. In 2011 SUNOVA’s project engineers implemented several projects, such as the Haas power station in Stockach, Germany with 460 kWp.

The energy yield of between 1090 and 1180 kWh/kWp in 2011 SUNOVA’s solar power stations in Ulm, Augsburg, Frankfurt and Mannheim is the highest the company has recorded for remotely monitored PV installations in Germany.

2015 integration of SUNOVA activities in Gehrlicher Solar Business Gmbh